Meet the Characters in "Don't Talk To The Actors" -- A Comedy by Tom Dudzick at The Studio Players!

Meet the characters:

Jerry Przpezniak - Jerry has worked diligently at a deadly boring job as an administrative assistant for the First Guardian Bank of Buffalo. Being captain of the Interbank Darts league has kept Jerry busy during those long, frigid months from October to June. When he isn’t throwing darts, he works up schedules for the dart tournaments and competitions for the greater Buffalo area. Jerry wants to thank his mom for all her support and inspiration for his various endeavors. In the wee small hours of those cold winter nights, Jerry has written a play.

Arlene Wyniarski – Arlene is a champion cross-stitch creator. Her pieces have taken third prize, honorable mention and participation awards in the last three years Buffalo district fairs. Like many young women, she dreams of a bigger and better life and is ready to share those dreams with Jerry. She is thrilled to be in New York and is absolutely star struck with the idea of meeting a “real life” TV star Curt Logan. Even though the big city is scary, she is more than willing to support Jerry in his quest for the lights of the great white way.

Luis Shaw- Luis is very proud to be a part of this production of “The Piano Tuner”. He has previously stage managed: “The Tiger Queen”, “Freaky Shoes”, “Sir Moth”, “First of the Lukewarm Friends”, “Corporation”, and the perennial favorite “Strange Poker”. Luis prides himself on running a tight ship and he is very detail oriented although the medication is helping him to loosen the reins a bit..

Mike Policzek – Mike is thrilled to be making his directorial debut with this production of “The Piano Tuner”. Hailing from the Midwest, Chicago to be exact he brings a fresh wholesome vibe to the big city. Mike usually directs for the Skokie Collective and has recently done the “life and Works of Studs Turkel” and the musical version of “Boss, the Richard Daly Story”.

Curt Logan – Curt comes to Broadway fresh from a successful stint as Detective Biff Soulwell on “Law and Order Port Authority”. Curt likes to play relatable people with an edge. He has won the Best Actor in a Crime Scene for the episode “The Bus to Nowhere” and was nominated for a “Badgy” for his ongoing work supporting Law Enforcement on TV. Curt can also be seen as a spokesman for the IPA brand Teapot Dome, “a better beer would be criminal”. This is his first live theatre production.

Beatrice Pomeroy – Starting a a children’s show host on “Poppyseed Lane”, Beatrice has grown from being a shill for puppets into a regular guest star on such shows as “the Garfield Group where she played Mayor Lucinda, to “Pals” where she played Esmeralda Humpschweigel the drunken aunt of Monique Van Doren. A multiple nominee for the “TeVees”, Beatrice finally won a lifetime consistency award for the most guest appearances by any actor ever that never had a show of their own. Beatrice’s stage credits include: Sixth wife in “Lil Abner”, Third nun in “The Sound of Music” and a secretary in “How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying”. Beatrice dedicates this show to her Pomeranian Sparkles.

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