Director, Anna Segreto, brings "Venus in Fur" to The Studio Players

An empty theatre, a frustrated writer, and a controversial play is in the audition process. The actors so far have been uninspiring and the writer prepared to go to home. A girl walks in…

The mind and other games of “Venus in Fur” are coming to life under the talents of Director Anna Segreto. This is a director’s piece needing the skills of a master’s hand. Too heavy and it becomes ponderous drama, too light and it’s a sex farce. Anna is just right.

I saw part of an early rehearsal and I can see where this is going. There were chuckles and sexual tension and you can see where this is heading. Anna’s actors seemed very secure in their trust of their director and relaxed with each other. All of this while still carrying scripts.

“Venus in Fur” is a very different type of play and it will be fun to watch it as it builds to performance level. Tickets now on sale at:

August in Naples is hot. Watching “Venus in Fur” will make it even hotter.

You still have 3 more opportunities to see the comedy “Don’t Talk to the Actors” this Friday- Sunday. Tickets are available at:

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